The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is located in the centre of the forehead. The purpose of this chakra is to offer us the possibility of
wisdom, discernment, intuition + knowledge.

When the energy of the Third Eye Chakra is balanced, we are able to connect to our intuition and then are able to determine who and what are good for us. Our intuition is always connected to our highest good, and as we learn to trust it, this strengthens the connection. This chakra also enables us to become aware of our beliefs and the motivations behind our actions. We are able to observe these outer unwanted patterns from an inner point of view.

The Third Eye Chakra is about harnessing the power of our minds to create our reality. It is in the realm of the  mind that we learn to transform our lives and implement our dreams - and learn to believe in them. We awaken to the truth of our reality, unblocked by old beliefs and learned behaviours of the past. It offers us the possibility to examine self-limiting ideas that lower our worth.

 When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced,  we are able to easily visualise and are open to receive insight or inspiration. From a higher perspective, we are able to accept that the complete picture includes both darkness and light - essentially learning that there's always two sides to one coin. Your perspective of life is that everything is going to be ok, either way, good or bad - you no longer fight reality and "what is".

This chakra is also linked to clairvoyance or psychic ability.

Underactive Third Eye Chakra Feels

If your Third Eye Chakra is underactive you may feel some of the following:
·  envy · absent-mindedness · lack of insight · unable to see what your negative programs/patterns are

Overactive Third Eye Chakra Feels

If your Third Eye Chakra is overactive you may feel some of the following:
·  mental confusion · lack of concentration · bad dreams

Activities that Balance the Third Eye

 · reading uplifting books · watching uplifting/inspiring movies · listening to inspiring songs or podcasts 
 · meditation · yoga · reflection · tai chi · qi gong · yoga

Cleansing the Third Eye using crystals

Crystals that balance this chakra are generally of a deep blue colour (indigo). Crystals such as sodalite, lapis lazuli, charoite and lepidolite - to name a few!

We use Sodalite in our Chakra Crystal Set. A FREE guided chakra balancing meditation is included with this set.

A one-page guide to balancing the
Third Eye

Please feel free to print out our one page how-to guide on balancing the
Third Eye Chakra.

how to balance your third eye chakra

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