How to Chakra Cleanse using crystals

Crystals are used to balance, energise or activate chakras by placing them along the 7 chakra points of the body. Chakra cleansing is a great tool to use in addition to the activities outlined in my other blog posts about each chakra. It's a great way of turning your attention inwards rather than outwards - where we tend to spend a lot of our time. 

If you are completely new to chakra cleansing, chances are you won't feel much of a connection to them initially. But I promise you - as you start working on your chakras you will be able to feel each area strengthening. As with most things - consistency is key. I'm not asking you to do this every day (unless you feel like you want to!), but do it when you feel like you need to connect back in with yourself. It may be after a challenging day, or if you're feeling overly emotional or triggered about a situation, or it may be that you're just feeling "off". 

Just think of chakra cleansing as another tool to put in your self-care toolkit alongside meditation, yoga, tapping, execrcise or whatever else gets your energy flowing.

Step by Step Guide to Chakra Cleansing 

    1. Lie down in a place where you are comfortable and won't be disturbed.
    2. Close your eyes and settle your energy by consciously relaxing your body. Notice areas where you are holding tension and tightening up. Methodically start from your feet, and work your way up to your head, softening each part of your body as you move your attention.
    3. When thoughts from your day start popping up, notice them and allow them to be there (I find that this method works better than trying to push them away). Bring your attention back to your breath.
    4. Place a crystal on each of the chakra points: starting with a red or black crystal at the base of your spine (Base Chakra); an orange crystal just below your belly button (Sacral Chakra); a yellow crystal just below your breastbone (Solar Plexus); a green crystal on the centre of your chest (Heart Chakra); a light blue crystal at the base of your throat (Throat Chakra) ; a dark blue crystal on the centre of your forehead (Third Eye Chakra); and a purple crystal at the top of your head (Crown Chakra). Place it on your pillow or whatever you are laying on.
    5. Next you need to "open up" the chakras, starting at your Base Chakra. Here are some suggestions on ways to do this:  You can say to yourself "I open up this chakra" as you focus your attention on the area; you can place your hands over the chakra; or you can visualise the colour of the chakra spinning as a wheel of light as you focus on it. Some people can feel the energy of the chakra opening up simply by focusing their attention on that area. Do whatever feels right for you.
    6. Next you need activate and energise each chakra by simply breathing into each area and visualising the colour of the crystal entering the chakra and expanding it. Keep gently breathing and feeling into the area. Initially spend 1 to 2 minutes on each chakra (use this timing as a baseline, and adjust as you further familiarise yourself with this process). Can you feel or sense the energy moving? Can you feel heat, tingling or coolness? Can you see anything? The energy presents differently for each person depending on how they receive energy.
    7. After you have worked your way through the 7 chakras, you need to cleanse them. You can do this by visualising a whirlpool of golden light above your head, entering your Crown Chakra. Visualise this golden light slowly moving down and cleansing the energy of each chakra, running down both of your legs and out the bottom of your feet into the ground. Imagine this cleansing light anchoring you to the core of the Earth.
    8. Remove the crystals and "close" the chakras off one-by-one by simply saying to yourself "the Crown Chakra is now closed" or visualise the chakra closing.
    9. Take a moment to feel the difference in your body.


The crystals are there to do the work, but they also act as a visual aid - "making the invisible - visible", as I like to say. As you work on your chakras more you will sense how long you need to spend on each one. If a particular chakra is blocked you will most likely feel the need to stay there a bit longer before you move on to the next one. If you feel nothing at all, that's a good indication that you need to spend more time on that chakra. 

My hope in providing this information is to give you a tool to connect back in with yourself and self-regulate. We all have this "inner-knowing" and it's important for us to not put our authority outside of ourselves in the hope that someone else will "fix" us. We all need to get over this crazy illusion that  there's something wrong with us. You are not broken, you never were. You are an energetic being and you simply need to get your energy flowing again. Living in this hectic modern world and navigating daily life can put so much stress on our bodies, and it's important to regularly check-in with ourselves and re-align our energy. 

I also want to mention that it's not unusual for emotions to come up as you work on your chakras. This is generally trapped energy in the body being released, possibly from a past event/trauma where you weren't able to express your emotions. This is a good thing! Allow whatever comes up to be released. 

And like anything, this information is basically worthless without your full participation. So give it a try, stick with it for 30 days and feel the difference in your mind, body and spirit. 

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