Chakra Cleanse Crystal Set (includes free guided meditation)


Feeling a bit meh? Sometimes, when our energy feels off-kilter, life can seem a bit lopsided. But when energy zips around our body's field just right, we've got the pep to tackle tasks, the wisdom to know when to rest or rev up, and the capacity to relish life's offerings.

I like to think of the body's energy hubs, the Chakras, as our personal power grid. When this grid is buzzing harmoniously, we're in prime condition—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Picture seven energy stations stretching from your tailbone to your crown. The guided meditation with this crystal collection is like a gentle nudge to relax both body and mind, tapping into your natural healing prowess and letting each crystal vibe with its chakra buddy. It's your daily tune-up to get your energy humming and your spirit shining.

The Chakra crystal collection rolls out the red carpet for these 8 sparkly guides:

Red Jasper is your go-to for the Base/Root Chakra. Think of it as your energetic anchor, keeping you steady through stress and banishing those worry gremlins.

Carnelian jazzes up the Sacral Chakra. It's like a shot of espresso for your vitality and mojo, sparking creativity and lighting a fire under your ambitions.

Citrine brightens the Solar Plexus Chakra with a cheerleader's enthusiasm. It boosts self-respect, bravery, and zest for life, sprinkling your path with sunshine and high-fives.

Green Aventurine cuddles the Heart Chakra. It's the green balm for emotional ouchies, fostering peace, love, and the urge to hug trees (or people).

Blue Chalcedony tunes the Throat Chakra. It's your speech coach and zen master, promoting chill vibes and the confidence to speak your truth.

Sodalite aligns the Third Eye Chakra, clearing the fog for your inner seer. It encourages you to ditch the old mental baggage and embrace your authentic path.

Amethyst crowns the Crown Chakra, acting as your spiritual satellite dish. It calms the brainstorm, brightens the mind, and connects you to the cosmic WiFi.

And because we all could use a bit more love, Rose Quartz tags along for the Heart Chakra. It's the heart healer, whispering sweet nothings of self-care and inner harmony into your life's soundtrack.

With this team of crystal companions, you're not just getting back to your center; you're aligning with the universe's rhythm, ready to dance through your day with energy and ease. 

If you're looking to dive deeper into the world of Chakras and how each crystal interacts with them, Katie's blog posts Crystal Diaries are your next stop.

This set comes in a white cylinder CRYST gift box and includes:

  • cleansed and energy-charged crystals using Reiki
  • 1 x white velvet travel pouch
  • 1 x 'chakra point' placement card
  • 1 x 'chakra crystals and feels' card
  • 1 x downloadable guided chakra meditation (16 mins)

Please note that crystals should not be used as a substitute for prescriptive medicines or alternative treatments for any illness or health problem. Crystals are not the solution but offer additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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