Living Room

As the name suggests, your living room is where you do most of your living whilst at home. It’s a social space. It’s a place where you want to feel welcomed, warm + relaxed. Crystals that promote a calm, soothing environment - that encourages conversation + connection - are great in this space.



The bedroom is a space where you want to be able to let go of your busy day, switch off + feel safe. It’s your private haven. Crystals that promote a tranquil atmosphere, that calm your mind + emotions are best used in this space. Less is more when it comes to the bedroom.



The kitchen is front + centre in most homes. It’s a place where family and friends come together and connect over food + conversation. Crystals used in this space should encourage love + communication, whilst maintaining a light + cheery atmosphere.


Office + Home study

An office is a place of productivity + connection. It needs to be a space tailored to an individual’s needs + energies. When the atmosphere in an office is relaxed, people are generally happier + therefore more productive. Crystals that assist us in focusing on the task at hand, as well as crystals that bring stability in groups + encourage open communication, are best in this space.



The look + feel of a store is very important - it can make the difference between a customer entering or not entering a retail space. Customers really care about how a store looks + feels. It’s a space where you want to attract new customers, retain existing ones, + generally make everyone feel comfortable. Crystals that attract abundance, clear any negative energy in the room + maintain a pleasant atmosphere are useful in this space.



The bathroom is definitely a place where you can unwind + find solitude. It’s one of the few places where we get to switch off + have alone time (unless you have kids!). Crystals that promote a relaxing, warm environment are great in this space.


introduce energy to your space

Our crystals not only add beauty but also attract powerful energies to your home + office. Need to focus? Hematite can aid concentration. Want to attract abundance? How about trying a Citrine?

Libra Trio zodiac crystals - Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone crystals on a marble base. CRYST Collective authentic energy-charged crystal decor pieces Australia.