The Root/Base Chakra

The Base or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. This energy centre is associated with survival, security and stability - which is largely to do with money, home, job and belonging.

Our Base Chakra anchors itself to the earth when we are patient, resourceful and hopeful about our lives, and has a lot to do with trust and feeling safe. If the Base Chakra is balanced, you are able to manifest your ideal living situation (job, money, home + belonging). You will love where you live, you will be financially secure and you will feel a sense of belonging to a "tribe" or community. You will also nourish and look after your physical body.

By having this solid foundation for your life, you are able to feel safe during times of change, and feel grounded and optimistic during times of uncertainty.
The Base Chakra is also associated with our relationship we have with our mother. When someone experiences a sense of separation with their mother, or not feeling loved by their mother, they cut off their roots and experience symptoms of tension at the level of the Base Chakra.

Underactive Base Chakra Feels

If your Base Chakra is underactive you may feel some of the following:
· lack enthusiasm · lack energy · obsessively worry about lack of money · have job and survival issues · any issues with absence or perceived deficiencies in your life · stuck in survival mode (fight or flight)

Overactive Base Chakra Feels

If your Base Chakra is overactive you may feel some of the following:
· aggression ·  impatience ·  excessive risk-taking concerning issues with money, job and survival ·  hyperactivity

Activities That Balance the Base Chakra

· getting outside and enjoying nature ·  walking on the beach ·  running · walking barefoot on the grass ·  any movement that activates the legs and feet · any movement that requires presence like yoga and tai chi ·  tree climbing ·  rock climbing

Cleansing the Base Chakra using crystals

Crystals that balance this chakra are red or black crystals. Crystals such as red jasper, garnet, fire agate, rhodohrosite, jet, black tourmaline, red calcite, obsidian - to name a few!

We use Red Jasper in our Chakra Crystal Set. A FREE guided chakra cleanse meditation is included with this set.

A one-page guide to balancing the
Root/Base Chakra

Please feel free to print out our one page how-to guide on balancing the Root/Base Chakra.

how to balance your root chakra


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