A Zen Gift Guide for Pregnant Mothers

Mums. They are the backbone of a family and can set the tone for a household. A mother's emotional state can greatly effect the energy in our homes. 

I won't lie - being a mum in this hectic modern world can be hard. But thankfully long gone are the days of the martyr, the self-sacrificing mother who tries to give from an empty cup. Times are changing and we are now realising that when mothers pause, rest, reset and fill their own cup they are able to give so much more to their families. Their loved ones reap the rewards from a connected, well nourished and settled mum. 

Whether you are searching for that perfect gift for a new mum or a mum that's on baby number 2 (3,4 or 5!) - this gift guide was curated to ensure that our mums are given the support, love and foundation they need to thrive. I personally believe in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, so this flavour is heavily peppered throughout this guide!

1. Well Mama Gift Box - The Wellbeing Store ($195)

The Well Mama Gift Box curated by The Wellbeing Store includes: Mama Milk ; an organic herbal tea blend for mothers on their breastfeeding journey which supports healthy milk supply while soothing digestion in both mum + baby.  Mama Perfume Oil; this revitalising blend can be used during meditation or as an everyday perfume. Mama Love Q.Essence Healing Herbs; this nourishing blend of raw herbs aims to nourish the body, mind + soul. Clē Restore Bath Salts; a natural blend of epsom bath salts to heal + restore your body after birth with rich magnesium, witch hazel + a blend of essential oils. Zen Mamas Book; this book will to help find your zen path through pregnancy, birth + beyond.


2.  Mothers Trio crystal set - Cryst Collective (from $139)

Of course I'm going to put one of my products in here! The Mothers Trio is a set of three crystals including: Rose Quartz; the stone of unconditional love + infinite peace. It brings deep inner-healing + most importantly, self-love + compassion. Blue Calcite; a gentle stone for recuperation + relaxation which can help soothe nerves, lift anxieties + aid clear communication. Amethyst; this stone has been lauded as a natural tranquilliser, calming the mind + cleansing the environment of negative energies. 



 3. Belly Love Box - Ibuayurveda ($119.95)

The Belly Love Box from IBU Ayurveda includes: Bengkung Traditional Postpartum Belly Wrap; Bengkung is the ancient Malaysian art of belly binding using a cloth abdominal wrap to promote faster recovery + provide support to a mother’s body during the postpartum period. Adaptogen Rich Herbal Body Oil; for use underneath the bengkung, IBU medicated herbal oils with crystal elixirs enhance recovery + promote toning of the abdominal tissue, whilst delivering adaptogens to reduce damaging effects of stress. Professionally formulated herbal tea; each tea in the IBU collection follows both naturopathic + ayurvedic prescribing patterns, designed for optimal internal support + recovery.


4. Pure Silk Sleep Mask - Slip (from $55)

Sleep is ever-elusive with a new baby around! On the days when mama needs to nap when baby naps during the day (like, every day), this silk eye mask will help her block out the light so she can catch up on some sleep any time of the day. Leave the washing, leave the vacuuming... choose sleep first - everything else will eventually get done.



5. Full Bloom Birth Box - Ibuayurveda ($112.95)

Unique Full Bloom organic multidimensional skin mist especially formulated to balance skin conditions during pregnancy and for support before, during + after the birthing process. 
Full Bloom Therapeutic Perfume; a unique Ayurvedic perfume with sacred scents + vibrational medicine is designed for breath work + on the spot topical application for stress reduction + also labour induction support. Full Bloom flower and crystal essence for emotional balance + confidence in the lead up to + during the birthing process; reduces associated stress + fear. Full Bloom organic herbal tea for late pregnancy support, featuring raspberry leaf, nettle, rose hips + rose petals for uterine health + labour support. 

6. The Golden Package - The Golden Month ($1,750)

This is the crème de la crème of gifts for an expectant mother! The initial shock of seeing a gift this expensive may make you gasp, but hear me out. This package is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine + Ayurveda and includes one whole month of freshly cooked meals, breastfeeding snacks + herbal tea. A qualified practitioner has a weekly home visit where you can expect to receive acupuncture, moxa treatments, personlised herbs, cupping (if necessary), herbal bath/foot soak, postnatal health checks + debrief, along with massages. The Golden Month says "In ancient cultures women are cared for in a uniquely nurturing way after childbirth, however, this form and level of care is not always a part of our western world. The Golden Package is designed to really nurture, hold and help to support healing the month post-birth". 

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