The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is our seventh energy centre and it's located at the top of the head. The colour of this chakra is purple (violet).

This energy centre is associated with our connection to something greater than ourselves - however you name that connection - God, Spirit, Light, Buddha, Higher Self, Universal Energy, Life Force Energy, the list goes on!

The Crown Chakra is where we BELIEVE, TRUST and EXPERIENCE a connection with the greater whole of life. This is the feeling you experience when you connect with the deepest part of your being. This is where understanding, compassion and unity is experienced at a higher level. 

There is so much more to us than what we can see, and when this energy centre is flowing we have a greater awareness of this. 

Just as the Base Chakra is connected to Earth, the Crown Chakra is connected to Spirit.

If you experienced a sense of separation from your biological father, this separation can close down the Crown Chakra. 

Underactive Crown Chakra Feels

If your Crown Chakra is underactive you may feel some of the following:
· negativity · shame · depression

Overactive Crown Chakra Feels

If your Crown Chakra is overactive you may feel some of the following:
·  over-developed sense of imagination

Activities that balance the Crown Chakra

 · prayer · meditation · stillness· reflection · silent retreats

Cleansing the Crown Chakra using crystals

Crystals that balance this chakra are generally purple or white. Crystals such as amethyst, selenite, purple fluorite, clear quartz, sugilite - to name a few!

We use amethyst in our Chakra Crystal Set.  A FREE guided chakra balancing meditation is included with this set.

A one-page guide to balancing the
Crown Chakra

Please feel free to print out our one page how-to guide on balancing the
Crown Chakra.

how to balance your crown chakra

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