The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is located at the base of the throat and is associated with
expressing oneself.

This is related to communication and speaking up, as well as expression through dance, art and song. It's about bringing to the outside what's within. 

Expression is related to receiving, "Ask and ye shall receive". The Throat Chakra can shut down if you felt unseen or unheard as a child, or were raised in an environment where it didn't feel safe to speak up. Grief or unexpressed feelings such as anger or fear also close down this chakra. 

Integrity is a keyword when it comes to the Throat Chakra. Being able to express your individuality, even if you risk standing out from others, is essential to having a good sense of self. Harnessing your will to express your highest truth is the aim of this chakra. 

Underactive Throat Chakra Feels

If your Throat Chakra is underactive you may feel some of the following:

· have trouble expressing feelings · fear of speaking up · shyness · moodiness

Overactive Throat Chakra Feels

If your Throat Chakra is overactive you may feel some of the following:
· frustration · obsessive enthusiasm (fanaticism)

Activities that Balance the Throat Chakra

·  singing · expressive theatre or dance · public speaking · journalling · prayer · chanting · tai chi · yoga

Cleansing the Throat Chakra using crystals

Crystals that balance this chakra are blue crystals. Crystals such as aquamarine, blue calcite, amazonite, blue chalcedony, turquoise, celestite, blue lace agate - to name a few!

We use Blue Chalcedony in our Chakra Crystal Set. A FREE guided chakra balancing meditation is included with this set.

A one-page guide to balancing the
Throat Chakra

Please feel free to print out our one page how-to guide on balancing the
Throat Chakra.

how to balance your throat chakra

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