The Making of Moon Water

We always use the full moon to cleanse our crystals, why stop there when we can amp up the ritual with some moon-drenched H2O?

Picture this: a glass bottle, filled with water, basking in the moon’s glow, with a crystal or two for company (you can either add a small crystal inside the bottle, or place larger crystals around the outside of the bottle). Water is very impressionable, so by using the energy of the moon, your crystals good vibes and your intention - it's like making the perfect elixir to keep those good vibes all month long. 

What crystals to use?

Below is a small (but definitely not exhaustive list) of crystals you could use when making moon water.

Aquamarine: Got tongue-tied moments? Aquamarine's your wingman, nudging you to spill what's bubbling inside. It's like a courage booster, making your words flow.

Rose Quartz: Ever noticed how we fortress our hearts like it’s under siege? That's us trying to dodge future heartaches. Rose Quartz to the rescue! It’s like a heart whisperer, coaxing you to open up to love again, especially the self-love variety.

Citrine: Ever charged headfirst into projects only to slam on the brakes before the finish line? That's your Solar Plexus playing shy. Citrine's like your inner cheerleader, stoking that inner fire, pushing you to own your power, all authentic and unstoppable.

Support Words

There is an additional step I like to do with my moon water. I like to stick labels to the bottle with what I call 'support words'. This is how I set my intentions. It's like putting your request in to the Universe and saying what support you'd like for the upcoming month. Water is very impressionable and I love taking the time to do this. Here are some prompts you might like to use for your support words:

GRATITUDE: Do you need to acknowledge another for their small everyday gestures/support? What have you been taking for granted?

LOVE: Are you able to give AND receive love? Are you closed off or cold toward another? Where can you light a fire and warm up?

AUTHENTICITY: Are you unapologetically honest about who you are and what you like? Do you stand in your truth or hide behind a mask for fear of rejection or ridicule? 

CONNECTION: Are you connected to the present moment? Are you connected to Source? Do you trust that life has your back? Are you open and connected to those around you or are you closed off?

Got all the steps covered? Let's recap.

1. Get a glass bottle, fill it with water and place outside on the night of a full moon

2. Place a crystal inside the bottle or around the bottle if it's a big crystal 

3. Write a support word on a sticky label and stick it to the bottle

4. Leave outside overnight.

What to do with this Moon-Kissed Elixir

After placing your glass bottle outside with your crystals (in the bottle or placed around the bottle). You can dilute this water to make it last longer, or use it straight. Here are some ways you can use moon water:

  • spray on your crystals and polish them up
  • pour a dash into your bath for a celestial soak
  • sip on it
  • water your houseplants or spray their leaves (they’ve been listening to your venting sessions, after all).

So, ready to elevate your full moon ritual with some moon water magic? Let’s make every moon cycle a reason to celebrate and set intentions, one crystal-infused sip at a time.

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