Crystal Spa Day: A Guide to Cleansing Your Crystals with Moonlight

Imagine, if you will, a spa day. But not just any spa day—a sparkling, moonlit spa day for your most precious companions: your crystals. Yes, we’re talking about the kind of pampering that makes a day at the spa look like just another Tuesday. This is about giving your crystals the royal treatment under the soft, loving glow of moonlight.

Why the Spa Treatment?

Let’s face it, your crystals do the heavy lifting in the energy department. They’re like your personal team of vibe-shifters, constantly on the energy frontlines, transforming and transmuting all the while. Over time, just like us after a long week, they can get a bit…cranky. It’s not their fault—they’re just energy sponges, after all, soaking up everything from joyous highs to the occasional gloomy low. And, just like you wouldn’t want to lug around last week’s troubles into your weekend, your crystals could do without the extra baggage too.

Cleansing your crystals is like hitting the refresh button. It’s about clearing out those energetic cobwebs, ensuring they’re sparkling not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

When to Roll Out the Crystal Yoga Mats

Timing, my dear, is everything. When do these vibrant little beings need their rest and rejuvenation? Think of it like this: a crystal’s “I need a break” moment could come after it’s been your wingman during an emotional rollercoaster, right after it joins your crystal clan, or simply when you feel in your gut that it’s time. Regularly, akin to the lunar calendar, a moonlit spa day on a monthly basis keeps their energies aligned and harmonized.

Life can be a whirlwind, and your crystals are there with you through it all. Post-argument? Pre-big meeting? Feeling a shift in the air? These are prime times for a cleansing, ensuring your crystals are ready to face whatever comes next, alongside you.

Moon Magic

Now, how do we give these precious stones the rejuvenation they so rightly deserve? Moonlight cleansing, darling—it’s like the five-star resort of crystal cleansing methods. There are a myriad of ways you can cleanse crystals (smudging, running water, Reiki, visualisation etc), but my preference is definitely utilising the energy of the moon.

On the eve of a full moon, when the moon’s vibes are just *chef’s kiss*, it’s time to set your crystals out for a night under the stars. Whether it’s on a windowsill where they can bathe in moonlight or nestled outside somewhere, this is their time to shake off the doldrums and get back to their radiant selves.

Leave overnight and they will be cleansed by morning.

A note on big crystals

I have a friend who was struggling to carry her 18kg quartz cluster outside to be cleansed. There's no need to do this! Head over to The Making of Moon Water to find out how you can use this magic elixir to spray on the larger crystals in your collection.

The Vibe: It’s a Celebration, Not a Chore

Remember, cleansing your crystals under the moon’s watchful eye is not just about ticking off a task—it’s a cosmic party, an excuse to revel in the magic that surrounds us. It’s about connection, intention, and, yes, a bit of crystal-centric revelry. 

Missed the full moon? Any moonlight will do. Life got too hectic for a cleansing? They understand—they’re your steadfast companions, after all. This ritual is flexible, a dance with the moon, your intuition, and the joyful energies of your crystals.

So, there you have it—a moonlit spa day for your crystals, filled with magic, mirth, and a touch of the mystical. Give your crystals the night off, let them bask in the moon’s embrace, and watch as they return to you, ready to face another day, sparkling with renewed purpose and vibrancy.

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