How to Harness the Natural Healing Energy of Crystals

I see crystals as little healing energy centres. Crystals have a stable energy created from their internal structure of perfect patterning. This stable energy can influence our unstable energy, as unfortunately, human energy is unstable and always changing. When you lie down and place a crystal on your body, the energy is automatically grounding. Produced by Mother Nature, all crystals have a grounding quality to them.

The Power of Physical Contact

Crystals need external stimuli, so placing them on your body and allowing them to make contact with your body's energy field is a perfect way for crystals to work their magic. The contact allows the crystal's stable energy to interact directly with your energy field, creating a resonance that can help restore balance and harmony within you.

The Role of the Mind

Thoughts are also energy forms, so using the power of your mind to meditate and visualise while you are connecting with your crystals makes this process more powerful. We can close ourselves off to so much when our minds are closed. A closed mind equals a closed energy field. Imagine going through a hard time and a friend offers you sound advice, but you’re so caught up in your thoughts that you can’t absorb or act on it. It's the same with crystals. Crystals are energy; they work with your body's energy field. Their stable energy reflects back any dissonance or imbalance in your body.

Reflection and Resonance

When your body is in a state of imbalance, it might not be immediately aware of it. The crystal is there to reflect back its stable, coherent energy, gently reminding your body that it's okay. By spending time with the crystal, your body can slowly calm down and come to its senses. The coherent, stable energy of the crystal influences your body's energy through a process known as resonance. This interaction helps to bring your body's energy into a more balanced state.

Practical Tips for Using Crystals

1. Meditation: Hold a crystal in your hand or place it on your body while meditating. Focus on your breath and visualise the crystal's energy merging with your own, creating a sense of calm and balance.

2. Daily Carry: Keep a small crystal in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. This way, you can carry its grounding energy with you throughout the day.

3. Sleep: Place a crystal under your pillow or beside your bed to promote restful sleep and protect against negative energy.

4. Sacred Space: Set up a dedicated space in your home with your crystals. Use this space for meditation, relaxation, or any activities that help you connect with your inner self.

Specific Crystals and Their Energies

When working with specific crystals, imagine their energetic qualities sinking into your body. Here are a few examples:


Known for its calming and soothing properties, Aquamarine is like the ocean—flowing and all-accepting. Visualise this energy interacting with your own, calming your nervous system, soothing your mind, and creating clarity.

Rose Quartz

Often associated with love and compassion, Rose Quartz promotes self-love, emotional healing, and forgiveness. Picture its gentle, loving energy enveloping you, helping you to open your heart and release negative emotions.


A powerful protective stone, Amethyst is linked to spiritual growth and clarity. Imagine its purifying energy cleansing your mind and spirit, enhancing your intuition and providing a sense of peace.

Blue Calcite

This crystal is known for its calming effects on the emotional body. Visualise Blue Calcite's energy washing over you like a calming wave, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Crystals are experiential. I could talk about how they work all day long, and you can try to understand it with your mind, but the best way is to actually use them, even if your mind is skeptical. Once you truly connect with a crystal and experience its benefits, you will never question its validity again. You can't just shove a crystal in your pocket and forget about it—the key is getting your mind on board. We have access to this energy, but we need to claim it. When you connect with a crystal, drop your beliefs and ideas at the door—you can pick them back up after.

By incorporating crystals into your daily routine, you can create moments of pause and stillness, manage anxiety and stress, and connect with a higher power. Remember, the key to harnessing the power of crystals is to remain open and receptive to their energy.

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