Crystals for Aquarius (20 January to 18 February)

Ok, so my son and my eldest brother are Aquarians. I actually have quite a few Aquarians in my life - I get Aquarians. 

Sometimes considered aloof, Aquarians are intelligent and will put their whole heart into whatever they are passionate about. On the flip side, it's extremely hard to get them to do something they're not interested in!!

Crystals to balance and support the Aquarius star sign


I really do feel like Aquarians can struggle with expressing themselves. They've got a lot of progressive ideas and lots of things they feel are important to share with the world - but it's like they're throat is constricted and they can't say what they want to say. It's either they can't seem to find the right words or the right timing.

Aquamarine is the perfect stone for courage and self-expression - and it's the birthstone for Aquarius (makes sense!). Like the calming quality of water, Aquamarine can help that expression flow easily.


Aquarians are not the most organised of the zodiac signs, so Fluorite is an excellent crystal for our Aquarius friends, as it helps with organisation and motivation (we could probably all do with this little green gem in our lives!). 

Rose Quartz

Aloof + alone? Sometimes Aquarians can feel this way. Like they’ve landed on an alien planet and everyone is speaking a different language. Feeling misunderstood, alone or unseen can feel unsettling. Rose Quartz is a gentle energy that opens the heart, listens and soothes. It’s a stone of love and compassion - and particularly great when Aquarians need to extend that to themselves.


Open minded and receptive to change - Aquarians are adaptive. But with this open mind, sometimes negativity can sneak on in - so Amethyst is great for this as it calms the mind + blocks negativity.

Aquarius Crystal Trio

The Aquarius Crystal Trio includes Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. These 3 crystals work in synergy to help balance and support the Aquarius zodiac sign.

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