Rose Quartz: Your new (old) best friend

If I could liken the qualities of Rose Quartz to that of personality traits - Rose Quartz is like that best friend that you've had since....well, forever. 

When you're feeling sad or alone, she's the kind of friend that will just sit with you. Her energy is gentle and soothing. She won't try to fill the silence with meaningless chatter and she won't force advice on you. She sits and she holds space for you, and by providing that energy it allows you to feel safe to unravel, to let go of everything that you've been holding onto so tightly with white knuckled determination. 

She's the kind of friend that knows when you're faking a smile. She won't judge you for it - she will hold your hand, look deep into your eyes and without a word she will let you know that she sees you and she's here for you. 

Rose Quartz is a crystal that everyone needs, the bestie that everyone needs. 

It's known as the crystal of love and compassion. It's great for when you become rigid and judgy (we all have our moments), and you just need that space to lower your walls and relax. It also helps when you need to flip some of that love and compassion towards yourself - when your inner coach has changed tune and is now your inner critic. It just makes you go easier on yourself and everyone around you. 

How you can use Rose Quartz


Water is very impressionable when it comes to energy. Placing a few nice big chunks or tumbles of Rose Quartz in a bath with some magnesium flakes is a great energy cleanser. 


Lay down with a piece of Rose Quartz on your chest for 10 minutes. Rest, read a book or close your eyes and visualise the energy of love and compassion entering your heart space and soothing your troubles away.


Place a Rose Quartz pyramid under your bed. A pyramid is a great shape for placing under the bed as it's a stable shape that will sit flat and won't topple over. The energy is amplified at the base of the pyramid and then dispersed through it's apex - giving you loving vibes all night long.

On you

Keep a Rose Quartz tumble in your pocket, or stuff one in your bra to keep this gentle energy around you all day long. There are also a lot of great Rose Quartz jewellery on the market too.

In your home

Place Rose Quartz in your bedroom, bathroom or really anywhere in your home. Just seeing crystals in your space reminds you of the energy that the crystal imparts - makes you feel better!

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