The significance of shape: Does the shape of a crystal really matter?

"An amethyst is an amethyst - but does it really matter if I get one in a geode, sphere or cluster", I hear you ask? The answer is a resounding YES - the shape of a crystal matters. The reason why it matters is because the shape indicates how the energy is spread throughout a room. Below is a simple guide to understanding crystal shapes.

Crystal spheres emit energy in all directions equally and a such, are great for placing in the centre of a room.

Crystal pyramids emit tightly focused energy through their apex. Pyramids can be used to draw off negative energy, so you my have noticed them under a healer's massage table to assist with a session. Pyramids are great for placing underneath beds for this exact reason. 

Crystal clusters have many points and radiate energy out to the surrounding environment in all directions of the points. The extra benefit of buying a cluster is that you can place other crystals on a cluster overnight to be cleansed. As well as this, if you get a large enough cluster with more pronounced points, you can actually program each point for a different purpose. A cluster is great for a living room, as each family member can program their own point and set their own intention. 

A geode is a a cluster of crystals with an outer shell/form which hold and amplify energy within themselves (the look like a small cave). They are like a slow-release vitamin, releasing the energy they amplify slowly and softly out into the surrounding space. Useful for protection. 

Generators have 6 facets meeting equally in a sharp point, with the other end cut flat. Points can be natural or artificially shaped. I find generators and points the same - emitting focused energy from the tip of the point. They are great as they help direct the flow of energy, optimise healing energy, and aid in focus and clarity of intention. Points can be using as a healing tool. Points facing outward of the body can draw off/out energy, and points facing inward can channel energy into the body. Remember to cleanse and program your crystals before you do this. Points are also great to use in crystal grids.

A double-terminated crystal has points at both ends of the crystal. These crystals radiate OR absorb energy at both ends simultaneously and are popular amongst healers. Used with intention, these crystals are a powerful and versatile tool for healing the body's energy field. 

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