After 2020, we need more meaningful things

I don't believe anyone came out of 2020 unscathed.

For us personally, my husband nearly lost his business and we were close to losing our home. But I remained grateful for the fact that my whole family was living in the same state, we had our health and we were not separated. Family and health come first, and my heart goes out to anyone that had either of these things affected by 2020. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, I've felt that people need something to believe in; to help re-establish their faith in life and have a sense of optimism.  Faith and optimism, I believe, are what keep you anchored when you lose your footing and help you bear the storm.

As I always do when life gets rocky, I turn inwards and I try to trust my inner-compass. We all have an inner compass, it's just whether we sit still long enough to listen to it and trust it. Believe me, it takes constant practice. It was at a time like this my love affair with crystals reignited.

CRYST was born with a hope to offer something that is meaningful - to bring beauty into people's homes and everyday lives. Crystals almost act as a visual for your prayers and your intentions - something that when you see - makes you more mindful. They get you out of your headspace and back into the present moment. Beauty, I believe, has the power to do that.

It is nice to have something in your home that is meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

CRYST is a modern take on introducing crystals into your home or workspace. I hope you enjoy what CRYST has to offer, as much as I've enjoyed making it.

It's my hope that these pieces give you moments in your day to pause and appreciate the beauty in life again.   

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