Do crystals work?

The legitimacy of crystals is often debated. Even though I - and many others in the industry - have experienced the healing benefits of crystals, it is true that there is no scientific proof that crystals have any tangible effects. 

While no studies have been conducted to back up claims that crystals emit vibrations that affect our minds and bodies, in 1880, French physicist Pierre Curie discovered that putting pressure on various crystals created electricity. Called the Piezoelectric effect, this is why crystals are used as essential elements in TV screens, mobile phones and satellites to this day.

Crystals have been worshipped for millennia. The ancient Egyptians used stones primarily for protection and health. Greek soldiers would rub hematite over their bodies before battle, to make themselves invulnerable, and Greek sailors also wore a variety of amulets to keep them safe at sea. During the Renaissance period, the healing properties of crystals were widely accepted. However, since the 17th century and the Age of Enlightenment, the use of crystals for healing and protection began to fall from favour across Europe. 

Although no longer used medicinally, crystals have continued to hold meaning across the globe. Jet was popular for those in mourning and garnet was worn during times of war. Jade has been used by the Chinese for centuries. In Chinese tradition, jade symbolised the 5 virtues of humanity: wisdom, compassion, justice, modesty and courage.

My experience

Beside their healing properties, I was initially drawn to crystals for their beauty. It wasn't until I started working with them and seeing them as a tool for healing, that I truly felt any benefits. I put crystals in the same category as complementary therapies.  I’ve personally tried  numerous complementary therapies and only continued using them if I’ve felt a positive change. It all comes down to how I FEEL. I sit down daily to meditate and I keep going back to it because it FEELS right; it feels good. Similarly with acupuncture, Reiki, crystal healing - they make me feel good. I can't deny the way these therapies make me FEEL, whether or not there is scientific evidence. Even if you don’t understand the energy, even if you just look at a set of crystals and it makes you feel good or it makes you be more mindful, it's having the desired effect.

Just taking a moment to focus on them can make us more mindful, or provide a moment of peace, which may even be more precious than the crystals themselves. I believe there is definitely something in the power of your beliefs, and if you are open to the thought that crystals do work with your bodies vibrational state and your energy field, you will feel the healing power of crystals.  

But don't let me tell you if crystals work or not. It's crazy to think that somebody other than you knows what's best for you - but we tend to look everywhere outside of ourselves to be validated. Work with crystals and find out for yourself. 

If you've bought crystals and they have had a positive effect in your life, I'd love to hear from you - what actions did you take in addition to buying the crystals, and what changes have they made in your life? 


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