A guide for manifesting during Lions Gate

Lions gate today: the 8th day of the 8th month.

This special day in the cosmic calendar is a great day for manifesting.

The Lions Gate Portal is marked by the powerhouse number 8-8, the Sun's presence in the Astrological sign of Leo the Lion, and the rising of the star Sirius on the horizon. On this day, there is more cosmic energy freely flowing between the spiritual and physical realms - so get your pens out people and make that wish list! 🙏

 Write a list in RED pen of all the things you want to bring into your life - and be specific. The universe needs information. For example, rather than writing down ‘I want a new car’, write down the specific make, model and colour. Also write down a timeframe: ‘by the end of the month’. You don’t need to work out a timeframe in your head that you think is realistic. You don’t have to be realistic when it comes to universal energy. The biggest blocker to attracting things that you want in your life is the tension you hold in your mind and body about the reality of having those things. If you write this list and are thinking the whole time ‘this is ridiculous, this will never happen’, you can pretty much bet it won’t. Your head can really get in the way of manifesting with the old underlying tracks we play on repeat in our heads. Things like:

I’m not good enough

I don’t deserve it

I can’t do it

It’s too hard

There’s something wrong with me

I’ve got no talent

Kick these thoughts to the curb, even if it’s just while you do this experiment. You can pick them all back up later if you miss them. Watch your thoughts during this experiment and catch them and replace them with something else if you find you get lost in an old tape. With thoughts, the important question you need to ask yourself is not whether the thought is true or not, but rather - Is this a helpful thought? If the thought is unhelpful, that’s when you need to drop into your body, use your senses of smell, sound, taste and touch to get yourself out of your head and into your body. Shake your hands, stomp your feet, move around, breathe deeply for a few minutes - and get yourself out of your head and into the present moment. Trust that this manifesting wish list is going to happen with every cell of your body.

Once you have your list, draw the infinity sign (the number 8 on its side) over your list. You can draw a few infinity signs if it’s a long list! If you have some crystals, place any of the crystals listed below over the top of that page.

  1. Citrine - citrine is known as the abundance stone. It also aligns with the energy of the sun, and given we're in Leo season and Leo is ruled by the sun - it’s a goodie to have for manifesting during Lions Gate.
  2. Clear Quartz - clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. Used in LCD screens and Quartz watches, this little powerhouse amplifies the energy of other crystals around it.
  3. Aquamarine (or any light blue stone such as blue calcite, blue chalcedony, blue lace agate to name a few) - light blue stones help to ask for what you want. These stones are aligned to the throat chakra. Ask and ye shall receive!
  4. Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz isn’t an obvious crystal for abundance, but it helps us feel more compassionate and softens the heart. We guard our hearts because of past hurts, and try to protect ourselves by 'shutting off'. This keeps us closed + can block anything good from entering our lives. Attracting abundance is about self-love + self-trust – and opening up your heart to let all the goodness come in.

There are many crystals you can use for manifesting - but that’s my take on it.

Leave your list out with the crystals on it for the rest of the month and keep me posted!

Also, if you are really into manifesting and want to learn more - I highly recommend reading Pam Grout’s book "E squared: nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality".

I hope that was helpful crystal-lovers! Happy manifesting!

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