Taurus Crystal Tumbles - Rose Quartz, Selenite + Lapis Lazuli


(Taurus star sign: April 20 - May 20)

Feeling a bit too earthbound, my Taurus friends? Or perhaps your heart is craving a bit more of that tender, love-filled vibe? The Taurus Crystal Trio is a carefully curated set of three crystals, each selected to vibe with the Taurus star sign's luxurious and grounded energy. Let's unwrap these earthly treasures:

Rose Quartz, the stone of the heart, is all about ushering in waves of love, compassion, and a little bit of that self-love magic. It’s like a warm hug for your emotions, smoothing over the rough edges of emotional trauma and inviting in forgiveness and friendships. For Taureans, it's about opening those big, beautiful hearts to let in a breeze of inner calm and positive vibes. It’s your reminder that love, especially self-love, is a form of wealth too.

Selenite, with its moon-like glow, offers a sanctuary of safety and a whisper to trust in those gut feelings. It’s your guiding light through the fog, encouraging you, dear Taurus, to lean into your intuition. Imagine it as your protective cloak, warding off energies that don’t serve your highest good while nurturing your innate wisdom to flourish.

Lapis Lazuli is your cosmic passport, inviting you to stretch beyond the tactile world into the realm of intuition and wisdom. It’s the bridge between the material and the mystical, helping you tap into your inner sage. For a sign that revels in the tangible, Lapis Lazuli offers a glimpse into the profound, encouraging exploration of your intuitive side and connection to the universe's vast mysteries.

Together, the Taurus Trio is a blend of earthly and ethereal, designed to ground you while elevating your spirit. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your well of self-love, embrace the safety of intuition, or open the doors to the universe’s secrets, these crystals are your steadfast companions on the journey to balance and harmony. With each stone’s unique energy, they’re here to remind you that, yes, even in the steadfast pace of Taurus life, there’s always room for a bit more love, intuition, and cosmic adventure.

This set includes:

  • cleansed and energy-charged crystals using Reiki
  • 1 x white velvet travel pouch
  • 1 x intention card

Please note that crystals should not be used as a substitute for prescriptive medicines or alternative treatments for any illness or health problem. Crystals are not the solution but offer additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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