Grounding + Concentration Crystal Tumbles - Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline Quartz + Hematite


Dive into the energising essence of the Grounding and Concentration Crystal Trio, a magical kit designed to sharpen your focus, boost your stability, and wrap you in a blanket of calm resilience as you tackle the rollercoaster of life.

Smoky Quartz Imagine being hugged by a cozy, earthy cloud—that's Smoky Quartz for you. This chill buddy not only scoffs in the face of electromagnetic smog but also laughs at stress until it dissolves away. It's like having a personal bodyguard that whispers, "You got this," as you wade through life's murky waters. Lean on Smoky Quartz for a dose of calm and a dash of inner peace when the world seems a tad too loud.

Tourmaline Quartz Think of Tourmaline Quartz as your energetic bouncer, keeping those bad vibes and electronic fuzzies at bay. It's the zen master of crystals, helping you cut through the noise and find your zen in the eye of the storm. With Tourmaline Quartz in your corner, you're as unshakeable as a tree, with roots deep in the now, fully present and ready for anything.

Hematite This shiny champ is like the best study buddy or workmate you never had—focused, sharp, and utterly protective of your mental space. Hematite is all about turning your brainpower up to eleven, helping you sidestep distractions and zoom in on what matters. Whether you're hitting the books or chasing deadlines, Hematite's got your back, ensuring you stay as grounded and solid as a rock.

With this trio by your side, you're not just surviving the daily grind—you're mastering it with a clarity and focus that's nothing short of legendary.

Each set  includes:

  • cleansed and energy-charged crystals using Reiki
  • 1 x white velvet travel pouch
  • 1 x intention card

Please note that crystals should not be used as a substitute for prescriptive medicines or alternative treatments for any illness or health problem. Crystals are not the solution but offer additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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