Libra Crystal Trio - Green Aventurine, Ametrine + Rainbow Moonstone


(Libra star sign: September 23 - October 22)

The Libra Trio is a set of 3 crystals that support + balance the Libra star sign. Crystal benefits: 

Green Aventurine can assist Libras to strengthen their willpower + keep any negative emotions under control. Indecisiveness can be associated with the Libra sign, and this stone can help instil a stronger sense of purpose. (approx. height 9 - 10cm)

Ametrine can help Libras with making decisions if they are being indecisive. It is also good for calming nerves, which can help stabilise Libras' mental energy. (approx. height 8 - 10cm)

Rainbow Moonstone can help develop + strengthen Libras' intuition, + trust in their intuition, to enable moving forward in life in the right direction. (approx. height 6 - 7cm)

Each set includes:

  • 1 x travel pouch
  • 1 x intention card

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