Rose Quartz Crystal Trio (Medium)



Diving into the heart matters, aren't we always on the lookout for a bit more love, a dash more peace, and maybe, just a sprinkle of harmony in our relationships? Enter the Rose Quartz Trio, your very own heart's rest stop, where you can catch your breath and soak in the vibes of love, self-compassion, and tranquility.

Rose Quartz, oh, isn't she a beauty? She's the friend you wish you had by your side at all times, turning the voice of your inner-critic into your inner-coach. This crystal isn't just about attracting any love; it's about inviting the kind of love that fills your cup, the kind that heals from within and spreads outwards. It’s like a soft hug for your heart, smoothing out the emotional wrinkles and making everything feel just a tad brighter and lighter.

And talk about an emotional Swiss Army knife; this gem is your go-to for calming those stormy seas inside, for drawing in relationships that resonate with your soul, and for sprinkling a little extra love into the ones you've already got. It’s about turning the volume down on negativity and amplifying the good vibes, making sure trust and harmony are the main acts in your relationship gig.

But wait, there’s more! In those moments when the world feels a bit too much, when grief has you in its grip, Rose Quartz is there, offering a shoulder to lean on, reassuring you that it’s okay to grieve, to feel, and to slowly find your peace again. It’s about bravely feeling the uncomfortable feelings and making space for empathy, for understanding, and for embracing the changes life throws your way.

With the Rose Quartz Crystal Trio, it’s not just about having crystals; it’s about creating a sanctuary for your heart, a place where love, peace, and healing dance together in harmony. So, why not let a little love in?

*Also available in a smaller size.

This set comes in a white cylinder CRYST gift box and includes:

  • cleansed and energy-charged crystals using Reiki
  • 1 x white velvet travel pouch
  • 1 x intention card

Please note that crystals should not be used as a substitute for prescriptive medicines or alternative treatments for any illness or health problem. Crystals are not the solution but offer additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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