'Protect Thy Home' Crystal Gift Set


Our 'Protect Thy Home' Crystal Gift Set was specially curated to protect the energy within your home. This set is a great introduction to crystals if you are not sure what crystals to purchase or where to place them in your home.

Black Onyx Pyramid amplifies + then disperses focused energy from their apex. Onyx is a protective stone, blocking negativity, grounding energy + healing inner-anger. Place under the bed to protect your energy while you sleep.

Layered Black Tourmaline Layered crystals spread energy out in layers. Tourmaline protects + purifies dense energy, acting like a protective shield. Place this crystal at the entrance of your home to safeguard against any unwanted negative energy from entering; or place in high traffic areas.

Smoky Quartz Cluster Clusters radiate energy to their surrounding environment. Smoky Quartz dissolves negativity, grounds energy + calms emotions. It also absorbs electromagnetic smog + is great to place in rooms with TVs or computers.

Clear Quartz Cluster We like to call Clear Quartz the ‘Swiss Army Knife of crystals’ - it’s good at pretty much everything. Clear Quartz can absorb, release, block + amplify energy. This crystal works at a vibrational level, attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. It can cleanse the energy of other stones by simply placing it next to them, essential to keeping crystals working at their full potential. Suitable for any room of the house.

Approximately 850-950g of crystals. Each set comes with a crystal placement card + white CRYST gift box. All crystals from Cryst Collective come cleansed + energy-charged by using the ancient Japanese method of balancing energy called Reiki.

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