Aquarius Crystal Trio - Amethyst, Fluorite + Rose Quartz


(Aquarius star sign: January 20 - February 18)

The Aquarius Trio is a set of 3 crystals that support + balance the Aquarius star sign. Crystal benefits: 

Green Fluorite aids in accessing what Aquarians already know + links it to what they are learning. Fluorite helps any kind of disorganisation + can be useful when your life seems to spin out of control. (approx. height 8 - 11cm)

Amethyst helps Aquarians relax their body + mind, drawing away any negative energy + dissolving worries. (approx. height 9 - 10cm)

Rose Quartz helps Aquarians when they may feel alienated from others. Rose quartz is a soothing stone of love, compassion + peace. (approx. height 7 - 9cm)

Each set includes:

  • 1 x travel pouch
  • 1 x intention card

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