'Love Thy Home' Crystal Gift Set


Our 'Love Thy Home' Crystal Gift Set has been specially curated to fill your space with loving, more peaceful vibes. This set is a great introduction to crystals if you are not sure what crystals to purchase or where to place them in your home.

Rose Quartz Pyramid amplifies + then disperses focused energy from their apex, and can be used to draw off negative energies. Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love + peace. It is a gentle energy, encouraging compassion, acceptance + kindness. Place under the bed to open your heart + welcome love in.

Clear Quartz Geode We like to call Clear Quartz the ‘Swiss Army Knife of crystals’ - it’s good at pretty much everything. It can absorb, release, block + amplify energy. Clear Quartz works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. It can cleanse the energy of other stones by simply placing it next to them, essential to keeping crystals working at their full potential. Suitable for any room of the house.

Desert Rose Selenite is a type of Selenite formed from water, wind + sand. Selenite uplifts the energy in a room + cleanses negativity – purifying your space. It brings clarity + peace of mind, and is great to hold during meditation. Place in high traffic areas such as the lounge, dining or kitchen (away from water).

Pink Calcite cleanses negativity in a room - promoting positivity + uplifting where hope or motivation may have been lost. Alleviating emotional stress, it promotes unconditional love, self-worth + self-acceptance. Place on the heart during meditation or in a bath with magnesium, to bring about a sense of calm. Suitable for any room of the house.

Approximately 750-850g of crystals. Comes with crystal placement card and white CRYST gift box. All crystals from Cryst Collective come cleansed + energy-charged by using the ancient Japanese method of balancing energy called Reiki.

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