You can access a wealth of information about crystals on the internet, but sometimes when you're trying new things - it's just nice for someone to hold your hand!

What a House Clearing includes (1.5hr):

  • mini-reiki + sound balancing session with you (we need to connect for this stuff to be effective)
  • smudge/clear every room of your house using a smudge stick, tuning fork and tibetan bowls
  • you get your own smudge stick, ceramic bowl and Cryst cleaning solution for maintenance
  • crystal recommendations for your space, sourcing + quote.


    $250 including GST.

    Service Area

    Home Consultations are currently offered for the Brisbane/Gold Coast/Northern NSW regions. Please refer to our Service Area Map. Interstate appointments may be considered in the future depending on demand.


    Bookings are available every Tuesday and Thursday and can be made here